Game Releases
Age Of Empires (Coming soon)

Age of Empires is an epic real-time strategy game spanning 10,000 years, in which players are the guiding spirit in the evolution of small stone age tribes.

Ultima Underworld for Pocket PC

Ward off demons and fight with your two-handed sword in this RPG classic-Ultima Underworld. Now you can enjoy the re-make of this best selling PC title in the palm of your hand. Get the ultimate gaming experience!

Hardware Market
ARM Announces Next Generation ARM11 Microarchitecture

ARM Holdings, who's designs are currently used by Intel as the foundation for the StrongARM and X-Scale processors, released details today on the ARM11 processor. "In its initial incarnation using a 0.13-micron manufacturing process, ARM11 will deliver 350MHz to 500MHz in the worst cases, with typical performance of 533MHz to 750MHz, ARM said. Using a more advanced 0.10-micron process the architecture will be able to run faster than 1GHz." We could see something as early as 2003. They plan on releasing their first ARM11 CPU in late 2002 which will allow licensees and OEM's a few months to integrate these speed demons into handheld devices. (read more...)

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Pocket Quake
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SimCity 2000
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Here Comes GAPI!
GAPI is a small, static-link library that will be available as part of Win CE software development kit (SDK), so if youíre a game programmer for Windows CE, be sure to get the new version now that itís released. With the new Pocket PC hardware boasting speeds of up to 400 megahertz -- check out the Compaq iPaq Pocket PC -- youíve got the horsepower.

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